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wiLbur's blog

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mr meecher is behaving VERY weird...
in this week's dandy...
that's the last of the mr meecher strips in this run, and whether he comes back or not depends on popularity, i think, so if you've enjoyed reading his misadventures, or just want to keep me in work and off your back for beer and tabs, do email the editor, send a message with a highly trained courier chaffinch, or vote in this survey

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I voted for him! :D

I hope to see the crazy teacher back again! :D

thanks harry! fingers crossed..


Hello, nice to be here!

It's me in 2016! Just wondering if I could still log in here. :)

Ha! This feels weird. Like I'm time-travelling!

Or like when a Chip-Ite turns up in the middle of Whizzer

No, not really like that at all..

I've got to check out my old emoticons, as it were..

Catch you in an alternative universe sometime, suckers!

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