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mr meecher patch for this week's strip...
...in the bumper 44-page issue of the dandy on sale now -- complete with toxic slime and squidgy eyeballs!

i was rather distressed to find when i first leafed through my issue that an extra mr meecher has somehow appeared in the penultimate panel of this week's strip. it's a mr m from the maths strip a few weeks back, plus, possibly even more confusingly, a speech bubble from that strip. nobody seems to quite know how it happened, but it does rather spoil the page, i think. may sound precious, but y'know, a lot of work goes into these pages...
here's how the panel in question SHOULD have looked.

EDIT -- thanks to rick eades for this idea -- print off this picture (you'll need to reduce it slightly) and patch it over in your comic!

dandy HQ also decided, in their infinite wisdom, not to use my specially drawn title pic (preferring to sample a meecher from the page) so, save it going to waste, here it is:

the rest of the comic is great!

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That must be so annoying? It doesn't give a good impression of the comic, as a whole. in an issue which is clearly trying to attract new readers?! (Oversized Cover and Free Gift).

With your permission I'll print of out a copy of the correct panel above and stick it over the butchered version in the comic, before I hand it over to the kids. That way you'll know there's at least one original version of the strip out there!

ha ha! i'd be delighted if you did that, rick, please do. i'd love it if EVERYBODY did that, to be honest.

oh and yes, i was pretty annoyed about it. the stray meecher is in the way of the guitar-smashing action, so you can hardly tell what's happening in the panel. and the speech bubble 'sir! 6x15!' is a complete non-sequitur.
for me, it spoilt a page i had been pleased with.

could be tricky though, rick, to get the size and shape right -- i was just looking at the panels and i see that they've squashed it slightly in the comic -- might need a bit of playing around in photoshop...

i've squished it now so it looks about the right shape -- unfortunately it's lost quality a tad, and it still needs reducing, but hopefully once reduced the quality will be fine...

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